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How to Sell Your Products on Amazon

Amazon is an ideal online marketplace for business enterprises to showcase, promote and sell their products directly to the customers – 24 hours a day. It offers a niche space for the products of SMEs. In fact, SMEs account for more than half of the products that sell worldwide through Amazon. On that happy note, we give below the bare essential procedural requirements to reach thousands of potential buyers or Amazon.
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How do you set up bank accounts for a newly-established company?

There are many international banks as well as local and Islamic banks in the UAE. They offer a wide variety of banking solutions aimed at catering to every business need. Since banks play a crucial role in facilitating the success of a businessman, it is imperative on his part to choose a bank that completely aligns with his business goals, interests, specifications and corporate objectives. Read More

What Do Banks Check while Assessing the Credit Risk of Loans to SMEs?

Banks and other financial institutions across the world generally have little inclination to lend money to the SME sector as there is a lack of precise methods for assessing or measuring the credit risk associated with such loans. Furthermore, the process of determining and evaluating the likely risk of lending to the SMEs is very time-consuming and expensive.
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Why is Accounting Automation a Requirement for SMEs?

Rome wasn’t built in a day,” goes an old adage. This also applies to big business establishments as many of them started small and grew big over time. In other words, majority of the SMEs have ample potential to grow big provided they are managed well with appropriate management systems and right automation tools.
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How Can the SMEs Prepare Themselves to Work Remotely?

Due to the Covid-19 turmoil, SMEs have been forced to rejig their mode of operation. That is because many of them are compelled to transition into ‘work from home’ or ‘work remotely’ since their employees cannot commute to the workplace due to the unavailability of public transport or some other restrictions imposed on the mobility of people. Read More

What Changes Are Recommended for Your Business to Go Digital?

An amazing organizational change termed Digital Business Transformation (DBT) is currently happening in the field of business, industry, trade, commerce and banking. Digital transformation, which is facilitated by technology, tends to improve overall performance as a result of enhanced efficiency and productivity. Read More

How Do Economic Substance Regulations Impact SMEs and What are Their Obligations?

The UAE enacted the Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) to ensure that business entities in the country are not used to artificially attract profits that do not commensurate with their economic activities undertaken in the UAE. The main objective is to prohibit companies from benefiting by shifting their profits to jurisdictions where they aren’t required to pay any tax or where they can reduce their tax burden. Read More

How Can Inventory Optimization Help SMEs in Working Capital Management?

The funds available for managing the day-to-day affairs and operations of a business enterprise is called its working capital. It is equal to the difference between the organization’s current assets and its current liabilities.
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In the digital world, how can you set up a restaurant with a dark kitchen and without any staff?

One of the guiding principles of most entrepreneurs is “minimum investment, maximum returns”. The technology revolution has created entirely new types of business ventures that sync perfectly well with the above business philosophy while also ensuring fewer risks. The idea of having a dark kitchen instead of a full-fledged bricks-and-mortar restaurant is a recent innovation that evolved in a bid to capitalize on this emerging trend.
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What Changes will SMEs Have to Adapt to After the Pandemic Ends?

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only created significant challenges but has also brought in numerous changes in the business and social environment across the world. Though some of those changes may seem scary, the SMEs have no option but to welcome them and adapt to them as soon as the pandemic comes to an end.
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