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Making every payment cardable!

Are there business expenses that you hoped could be done using your existing credit cards? It could be VAT payments, Supplier payment towards procurements, your monthly EMI payment towards your Business Loan with any bank or any other essential payment?

We at Invoice Bazaar have built a product so that you could use your existing credit card for making any business payment on behalf of your company, in places where cards is not accepted as a payment mode. Fill in the details if you have existing card limits unutilized and we can help you by making payments on your behalf for your business expenses.

  • VAT and Vendor Finance

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How does this work?


Invoice Bazaar is a UAE based Receivables Finance platform and a Payment Services Provider that facilitates suppliers get early payment from Buyers. Invoice Bazaar was setup in 2016 and has been an active player in the world of Receivables Finance/Supply Chain Finance.
Invoice Bazaar is helping you leverage on your existing credit card limits for you to make a payment towards your business expenses. Based on your card from your bank, you could get 30 to 55 days of credit period before your payment gets due to your bank.
Invoice Bazaar is relying on your Credit Card limits to make its credit decision for this product. Basic KYC as well as end-use of fund monitoring is conducted as per our internal KYC and AML Policy.
Payments are done with 24 hours of you authorizing your card details on our platform.
Invoice Bazaar would typically fund transactions of over AED 25,000/-